Project in Princetown

Our team was tasked with executing a complete new residential build for a client in Princetown. Due to the location of the site in the picturesque Dartmoor National Park, we worked closely with the DNP to ensure that the building would be in-keeping with and not detract from the natural surroundings.

Keeping in mind the exposed location of the build site, we opted to complete the project using our preferred NUDURA Isolated Concrete Forms, which allow buildings to be built stronger, more comfortable and with improved energy efficiency, as well as being more environmentally friendly.

As part of the job, we are also taking care of all utility connections with the suppliers. 

This in an ongoing project we have managed right from the very start, and our dedicated team will be seeing it through right up to completion.

Project in Tavistock

A recent project in Cornwall saw our experienced team tasked with replacing a failed timber log retaining wall with a block-work wall.

Using our own comprehensive toolkit of equipment, we removed the existing wall and excavated the foundation in order to construct a block-work wall. We then back-filled it with clean stone to allow plenty of drainage behind the wall.

Our team ensured that the project was carried out in a safe and efficient manner from start to finish, working hard to ensure that the project was delivered both on budget and on time.